Darryl – The founder of Sage was raised the son of a second-generation Chicago cop. Although his biggest influence may have come from his maternal grandfather, a gnarly Upper Michigan hunting guide and expert tracker. Relocated to Vail in 1975, originally to ski 150 days a year, and then took up running rivers in kayaks and rafts for another 150 days a year. One of the most generous people you'll meet, but when it comes to work and business he's as hard as they come. Known nationwide in the commercial guiding industry for fighting to protect the environment while providing a life-changing experience for guests. Constantly battling government intrusion and illegal competition.

Montana - Niece of Robin and Darryl, cousin to Cole. She grew up in Iowa, where her father and brother excelled in sports. A great athlete in her own right, Montana wanted to get out of Iowa, so she made the move to Colorado just last summer. Quickly welcomed into the family business at Sage, her connection with the rest of the staff has been incredible. Montana’s main job is working in the office with reservations and check-ins; but whenever she’s asked to go on any Sage’s guided trips, it’s all smiles and all-out, even in big-water Class V rafting.  Possessing incredible strength, she’s also a regular participant in fitness competitions, which frequently intimidates her male colleagues at Sage.

Kelly - Born and raised in Michigan. Kelly is mainly an artist, but embraces the Colorado outdoor lifestyle with a passion. Kelly started at Sage as a rookie raft guide, and has now taken over all marketing for the company. She faces hard and unknown trials in this small town, and works hard to promote the image and products of the relatively young company. Kelly also loves to travel, taking all her savings from the long seasons to travel the world, oftentimes alone. Kelly is one of Sage’s senior staff members, and a fan favorite among the tourists.

Cole - Raised as a Colorado kid, spent every minute possible outside. Had a run as a professional mountain bike racer straight out of high school, and was crowned 2007 US National Downhill MTB Champion. Professional rider for seven seasons, racing around the world on the World Cup circuit, from Australia to Europe to Africa.  Started Sage with Darryl in 2009 and married his high school sweetheart the next year. Cole is a very talented snowmobile rider and excellent raft guide.

Jim – Now in his early 50s, nearly lost his life to a massive brain aneurysm four years ago. Now on the mend, has been with Sage for two years. He’s learning to guide well, but his connection with people on a personal-level is unmatched. His joy is to be alive and interacting with people, which makes his attitude different than most young people. He's also a dirty Bostonian with a party past that he won't even speak of. Some jokes still surface and make us all cringe. He is an Irishman from South Boston, and yes he cried when the Red Sox won their first World Series. He even has a championship ring from the Red Sox, as one of his true Irish buddies works for the team.

Wes - Never gets his feathers ruffled, but when it happens, look out. His little brother Danny also works at Sage, and when the two of them get together, the stars line up and guests have the best time ever. These two have a very unique outlook on life, the world and people. Guests refer to them as "the characters", and request to have them back as their guides all the time. Still in their early twenties, the brothers recently lived through the deaths of four close friends, so they have a strong appreciation for the unique life they are living.

Rob - New to Sage this year, Rob is the glue of the company. People are drawn to him, his smile is infectious, and his genuine attitude is magnetic. He’s a hard worker, extremely fun, somebody you would trust with your darkest, deepest secrets. A Floridian of Cuban descent, he used to ride a jet ski to school.

Jason - Colorado native, manager of operations at Sage. Extremely professional at work, the goof-ball outside of work. His imitation Yugoslavian accent mixed with his absurd attempt at dance moves keeps people doubled over all night. A new father, he is constantly pressured by his coworkers to hang on to his single days.

Mike - Colorado redneck. He has a BS degree in molecular biology. He comes up with new words and phrases on a daily basis by accident because of his lack of ability to use the English language like a normal person. Very detail oriented. As a redhead that gets sunburned every day, he’s often referred to by fellow staff as “Strawberry Shortcake.” A phenomenal snowmobile rider, he’s also active on the local Search & Rescue team in Vail.

Robin - Wife of Darryl, mother of Cole. Runs the reservation office at Sage. Nurturer at heart; gentle, kind, and smart. Keeps Cole and Darryl running in a straight line. At one time professional violinist; also a top runner competing in ultra-endurance mountain races, and passionate rock climber.


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